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New Hall  Farm  is a working farm, growing wheat, barley , oilseed rape, beans and grass.  Environmental management has been a major part of our farming  practice for the last 30 plus years.  We have a small flock of sheep  grazing some of the stewardship grassland.  We pride ourselves  in running what we consider a balanced farming system, producing a quality, affordable food staple whilst maintaining a thriving and diverse wildlife environment, supporting a number of red and amber list species.
Our visits provide an opportunity for students to get out in the fields  and see what we do first hand. Use the visit to help illustrate what you are learning in school, and most importantly to generate questions.

What’s Happening?


Teachers outdoor learning workshop

The Yorkshire Agricultural Society are holding a course for all Primary teachers at our farm to look at how outdoor learning can broaden and deepen the school curriculum. This is on Monday 16th March book your place https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/course-on-tour-south-yorkshire-using-outdoor-learning-to-support-intent-implementation-impact-registration-86314600293


School Visits


Individually tailored curriculum based visits


¨ Science: living things and classification, rocks and soils, carnivores and herbivores,  seasons and climate ….

¨ Maths: e.g. use of weights/volumes/areas to calculate; 

    -inputs required– seeds, fertilizer 

    -expected yields/income, 

    -value of wheat in a loaf of bread etc. etc.

¨ Design & Technology: machinery fit for purpose, building design

¨ Geography: use of natural resources, sustainability, weather and climate, maps

¨ History: changes in farming practice, mechanisation, impact of transport /storage on farming systems, population pressure.


16th Century Cruck Barn

Environmental management  


Come on Down to the Farm!

The Mill
New Hall Farm
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01226 753249


01226 753249

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